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  • Offset Heating Livingroom
  • Navigation „Not Found“
  • Colorcoding of CurrentTemperature & Ventilstellung in Habpanel

It can only be attributable to human error.

Clean Code
  • Invent & Implement Final Naming Convention
  • Reimport Things – Make Items/Channels
  • Finalise Ground Floor in 3D
  • Move Grafana Persistance to mysql instance

Lukas, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Lukas. Will you stop Lukas? Stop, Lukas.

  • Calendar Integration & Panel
  • Thermostat Groups/Items/Channel for Voice Control
  • Full Phillips Hue Light Control Panel
  • Two Kodi Panels (TV/Music)
  • Astro Panel with Interactive House SVG
  • Main Panel

Well, certainly no one could have been unaware of the very strange stories floating around before we left. Rumors about something being dug up on the Moon. I never gave these stories much credence, but particularly in view of some of other things that have happened, I find them difficult to put out of my mind

  • Upgrade Kodi to v18 (Leia)
    • Centralise DB on MySql Instance
  • 433 MHZ RF Module for Raspberry (Thermostats, Beamer & Electricity-Plugs)
  • Zigbee Module for Raspberry to Replace Hue Bridges
  • GPS Real Time Tracking for our Animals
    • Intelligent Cat-Door Lock
  • C64 as Network Terminal?
  • Real Time 3D Visualisation via VizEngine WEBRTC Output